Advertise on the Open Gaming Network

Advertise on the Open Gaming Network

The Open Gaming Network is a family of rules reference websites boasting millions of unique monthly visitors. Our users are dedicated tabletop gaming, roleplaying game and hobby and miniatures enthusiasts. Whether you are a retailer, event organizer, manufacturer advertising on the Open Gaming Network exposes your products and services to this awesome and focused audience.

  • is the crown jewel in the Open Gaming Network, boasting an average of 3,000,000 visits or 18-20,000,000 pageviews per month. 86% of it’s users are 18-34 years old, male, college educated with above-average income.
  • is an online RPG retailer supporting the Open Gaming Network of website resources.
  • Supporting the 5th Edition of the Worlds Most Famous RPG. Established in January 2016 usership grows 10-20% per month!
  • Supporting the 3rd Edition of the Mutants & Masterminds RPG.
  • Supporting the 13th Age RPG.
  • Supporting the Swords & Wizardry RPG.
  • Supporting the Dungeon World RPG.
  • Supporting a modern interpretation of the Pathfinder RPG.
  • Supporting the Traveller RPG.

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Advertising options are available on any or all of the above sites. Contact for full details.

What is the Open Gaming Network?

The Open Gaming Network is a family of wiki-like rules reference websites for various Open Gaming Licensed game systems, or similarly-licensed RPG systems.

The Open Gaming Network currently consists of:

If you’d like to help make the Open Gaming Network resource sites better you can do as little as fix minor typos, add entirely new content, or really whatever your time allows. If you’d like to join the team, just send an email to

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