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The Open Gaming Network is a family of rules reference websites boasting millions of unique monthly visitors. Our users are dedicated tabletop gaming, roleplaying game and hobby and miniatures enthusiasts. Whether you are a retailer, event organizer, manufacturer advertising on the Open Gaming Network exposes your products and services to this awesome and focused audience.

  • is the crown jewel in the Open Gaming Network, boasting an average of 3,000,000 visits or 18-20,000,000 pageviews per month. 86% of it’s users are 18-34 years old, male, college educated with above-average income.
  • is an online RPG retailer supporting the Open Gaming Network of website resources.
  • Supporting the 5th Edition of the Worlds Most Famous RPG. Established in January 2016 usership grows 10-20% per month!
  • Supporting the 3rd Edition of the Mutants & Masterminds RPG.
  • Supporting the 13th Age RPG.
  • Supporting the Swords & Wizardry RPG.
  • Supporting the Dungeon World RPG.
  • Supporting a modern interpretation of the Pathfinder RPG.
  • Supporting the Traveller RPG.

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The Open Gaming Network also maintains several large social network channels as well as a monthly newsletter with over 20,000 subscribers.

  • Fans of Facebook Group 7,193 members
  • Fans of Facebook Group 762 members
  • Fans of Starjammer Facebook Group 560 members
  • com Facebook Page 4,616 Likes)
  • Open Gaming Newsletter 20,853 subscribers
  • @d20pfsrd on Twitter 2,899 followers

Quotes From Previous Advertisers

Here are a few quotes from those who advertised with the Open Gaming Network:

  • “ advertising keeps making me more money…” and “…every dollar I spend on those ads made me $6.84” and “There was another individual who came to me when he saw my Kickstarter was up and asked me to advertise with him. I did advertise with him once before and he charged a lot of money and it cost me: every dollar I spend on those ads it made me 21 cents. Where I am from we call that a “BAD investment”. So when he came around this time trying to get some money for his large ad network that he claimed would be helpful what do you think MY response? Just a simple “No thank you”. What you should be focusing on is getting ads up at to make sure your Pathfinder kickstarter is successful.” Louis Porter Jr., Louis Porter Jr. Publishing
  • “The D20PFSRD store has consistently improved by increasing sales and outperforming several storefronts. Their flexibility and engagement with the publishing community is a shining example.” Andreas Rönnqvist, Dreamscarred Press
  • “Advertising with D20pfsrd was the best return on investment … [we] made almost a 900% return on our advertising deal with John.” Adam Meyers, Drop Dead Studios
  • “The month that our banner was featured on, we saw a drastic increase in sales and gained several months’ worth of new subscribers. I’ve explored dozens of ways to promote our products, both traditional and untraditional. Running a banner on the SRD has not only been one of the most successful and least expensive methods for us, it’s also one of the most accommodating. No fuss, quick response times, thorough answers – John and Debra are a pleasure to work with. I will definitely continue to buy space on” Reid Stewart, Dreadfox.

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