Become a Site Editor

If you would like to have edit access to any of the SRD websites that are part of the Open Gaming Network we’re pleased to add you!

What kind of stuff can you do with your new all-powerful editor access?

Add Missing Content

If you know of Open Game Content from a sourcebook that isn’t available on one of the OGN sites you can go ahead and add it, so long as you understand how the Open Game License works and what it allows, as well as what you need to do to comply with the terms.

First, if the content you are adding is from a sourcebook that already has SOME but not ALL of the content available on one of the OGN sites, check the Legal page of that site to see if Section 15 of the Open Game License has already been updated with the Section 15 from the sourcebook. If it hasn’t, please add the appropriate text. If it has, you don’t have to do anything to the Legal page.

If the content is from a book that is 100% absent from the site, you need to add the Section 15 self-reference to the Section 15 area of the Legal page of that site. Ask questions on the Open Gaming Network forums if unclear.

Wait, do I just copy and paste text to the site?

You CAN but that’s a lot of work. We have an online tool that can automatically extract text from a PDF

  1. Upload a PDF and choose “Extract but do not link text from a PDF”. A text file will be downloaded to you with the text from the PDF.
  2. Open that text file in a text editor (I use EditPadPro) and remove the line breaks and messed up areas.
  3. Upload that text file back to the linker and choose “Link text in a Text File (perllink)” A new file will be downloaded to you now containing hyperlinks.

I use that to pull text out of PDFs all at once, vs. small sections piece by piece.

Monitor / Respond to Problem Reports

Open this Google Spreadsheet and feel free to fix anything that is an actual problem:

Trouble Reports

There are two parts of that page. The left side is the form users fill out to report an issue. The right side is the results of previous form submissions.

At the bottom of the right pane (the problem reports) you will see two tabs, “Form Responses 1” and “Notes and Status” If you click on “Notes and Status” you’ll see a cleaner view of the reported issues. If you see any line with an empty box in the status column, feel free to see if you can fix the issue. If it’s not really an issue you can edit the form to indicate that info.

Ok, How do I get access?

Go here – note that you will need to be logged in with an Open Gaming Network user ID.

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