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Open Gaming NetworkThe Open Gaming Store ( is an online retailer for tabletop RPG products from hundreds of publishers and creators.

Why should you sell in the Open Gaming Store?

The Open Gaming Network member sites reach millions of dedicated gamers every month with an average visit duration of over 20 minutes each. We can place extremely targeted “Buy Now” widgets for your products on the site and page where they would have the biggest impression before the perfect audience.

  • Online and Convention Sales: In addition to online sales, the Open Gaming Store is regularly present at very many gaming, comic book, and anime or sci-fi conventions in the U.S. midwest, including states of Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan. If you have physical products and would like to see them at conventions, here’s your chance!

You Keep More of your Sales Dollars

For digital sales, you keep 80% of what the customer pays.

For physical sales (products which must be shipped), you keep 70% of what the customer pays.

No other online retailer offers comparable numbers.

Premier Partners

Premier Partners are publishers in the Open Gaming Store who…

  • …actively promote their products in the store.
  • …keep their catalog up-to-date with other online sales channels.
  • …run special promotions unique to the Open Gaming Store.
  • …embed internal hyperlinks within PDF products to OGN SRD reference websites.

What are the benefits for Premier Partners? You get…

  • …free or discounted advertising on Open Gaming Network sites.
  • …free or discounted advertising within the monthly Open Gaming Newsletter (20,000 subscribers as of 11/2016).
  • …placement in Premier Partners collection which is displayed on the main page of the Open Gaming Store.
  • …preferential placement for ‘Buy Now’ Widgets on Open Gaming Network sites.


The Open Gaming Store pays all vendors via Paypal by the 7th business day of each month for sales occurring during the previous calendar month. If your total payout are less than $20.00 the balance is carried over to the following month until your total payout is greater than $20.00.

What now?

  1. Email Debra ( to get started. She will send you a link to a Publisher Information form that you need to fill out giving us some necessary information.
  2. She will send you a Distribution Agreement Google Doc. You need to read this and agree to the terms by entering your name and date at the bottom of the document. This authorizes us to sell your products.
  3. She will then create a Google Drive folder you will upload product files (PDFs, Android .apk files, cover image thumbnails, etc.) to.
  4. She will send you a link to a Google Form that you use to enter product information in.

Wholesale Purchases

If you’re not interested in consignment sales and you’d rather the Open Gaming Store just purchase your physical products at standard wholesale rates, contact us. We’re dedicated to providing a wide variety of products of interest to the users of the OGN sites.

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